Customized videos that convert leads into buyers

E3M videos offer an all-hands-on-deck approach for brokers who want a results-driven approach for showcasing their properties and marketing their business. We offer residential and commercial realtor video production – covering initial inception, to content marketing and production, post production, and delivery.


Premium video production that brings your brand and your properties to life.

Whether you want to show off the spaciousness of a residential property or develop a stronger footprint in your local market, our custom designed real estate videos can act as a powerful tool for achieving more clients, showing more property and closing more deals.

Real Estate

Make their decision to buy from you easy. Our videos are designed so realtors can nurture current clients, drive referrals and repeat business. Think of your video as a digital tool that sell itself, 24/7/365 – using compelling storytelling that set your properties apart from the rest.

Real Estate

Video marketing done for you, so you can land more deals. Whether the competition is steep or market demand is down, our videos bring your commercial properties to life. We’ll capture its look and feel, create an open house or property tour, and present your brand as the authority in the commercial realty space. Just point us in the right direction, and we’ll shoot.

Introduce yourself to new prospects

A cold call can be tough, but with video you’re able to sell the who, what and where of your business right away, immediately capturing the attention of your audience for instant buying appeal. Just one video allows you to define your areas of expertise, highlight available properties and show off your success like no other marketing tool can – quickly turning cold prospects into loyal buyers.

Demonstrate your expertise

No one does it better than you, and your fully customizable branded video will prove it. Whether you focus on commercial, residential or retail real estate, we’ll position you as a true expert in your field – with custom video designed to immediately engage and captivate interest on the spot.

Close more deals

We’ll highlight existing properties available on the market, and present cinematically designed property tours that’ll make them feel right at home. Show off your best, and we’ll handle the rest – with custom videos automated to close more deals and grow your business.

Dominate your market

Bypass the competition with a customized video that differentiates you from your competition. We’ll give viewers a sneak peek of specific properties, interview your team and show off your brand, values and personality. With true transparency as a realtor, potential buyers will be able to emotionally connect with you on the spot – leading to more interest and closing more deals.

Lay down the lifestyle

Filming a commercial property may adequately show the space, but not necessarily its charm. Our customized videos can give a whole new meaning and perspective to the property – by selling the entire lifestyle. We’ll shoot surrounding elements that add to its appeal, such as the neighborhood park, nearby shops or commercial neighborhood – allowing viewers to immediately feel, see, hear and experience the building, area and neighborhood.

Real Estate Portfolio

Eleven33 - Amenities
Parkline - Penthouse
215 West - Neighborhood
Eugenie Terrace - Penthouse
215 West - Amenities
Marquette Companies
Parkline - Building Feature
Parkline - Area/Neighborhood
Atrio - Neighborhood
Irvine Co - 71 S Wacker
Fulton St Companies
Parkline Chicago Unit Tour
Irvine Co - 1 N Wacker
Eleven33 - Neighborhood
Pinnacle - City/Life
4278 Southland, Lake Geneva
Irvine Co - Broker of the Year - Steven Bauer
Irvine Co - Broker of the Year - Frank Franseze
Pinnacle - Amenities
N2280 Aspen, Lake Geneva
Pinnacle - Unit Feature
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